Budget 2017 tax changes


The UK March 2017 budget was the first from a new Chancellor and future budgets will be shifted to the Autumn.  Therefore, while it was light on trail-blazing announcements, when combined with tax changes already announced, these may impact technology and biotech businesses. ·       R&D tax credits are to be made more certain and simple…

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UK patent box: why should I bother?


Having been to two UK patent box seminars over the past fortnight, one of which we hosted, I’ve been struck by the realisation HM Treasury’s patent box rules are really not that difficult to fathom. That’s easy for me to say – the joy of our role as advisors to tech and biotech companies is that…

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UK Patent Box: two-year time limit for elections

THIS note is intended to clarify and provide some comfort on the timing of the adoption of the new Patent Box rules. The UK Patent Box provides a reduced rate of corporation tax on profits derived from patents.  The rules that set out how relief is given will change with effect from July 1, 2016. This…

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Patent Box changes: we have the woods, now we need the trees

THE UK Patent Box provides for a reduced corporation tax rate on profits arising from patents. The rules will change on July 1, 2016, as result of a G20/OECD project to tackle cross-border tax avoidance by multinational groups. The new rules, however, will not effectively tackle potential avoidance and they will also negatively impact wholly UK…

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