IPO readiness

Considering an IPO? Consider us to help you on your journey

Taking your company public is a complex and involved process so preparation is key if you are thinking of listing on a US stock exchange. Our advice is to start early and plan well to attain optimal market opportunities. Preparing for an initial public offering – or IPO – is a time-consuming process that spans an organisation and requires expertise across multiple areas.

Biotechnology and technology companies often have limited internal resources, due to being relatively early-stage, and will be required to engage numerous subject matter experts. We offer an IPO readiness service that takes up much of the strain and will advise your company on both the UK and US aspects of the listing process. And what’s more, we don’t stop once your company is successfully listed, we can carry on to help you meet your ongoing obligations as a public company.

For more information on our IPO readiness service, please do get in touch.