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How we can help your biotechnology or
technology business

Tax advice

Business challenges posed by tech and biotech companies are complex and require specialist knowledge to resolve, which is where Confluence Tax steps in. We offer tax advice to help you make the right decisions to benefit your business and its shareholders.


We only work with tech and biotech businesses and understand the unique circumstances faced by startup business owners, scientists,

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Patent box

The patent box is a tool that enables an effective 10 per cent rate of corporation tax on patent-related profits. The rules are complex and ever-changing so our

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Employee schemes

Ensuring your staff are incentivised in a tax-efficient way that doesn’t disrupt future investment rounds or a company sale should be at the heart of your

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Corporate structures

Your business structure matters, no matter what size your company. We advise that putting a sensible corporate structure in place from the start may

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Personal tax

We are happy to offer personal tax advice on SEIs/EIS and entrepreneurs’ relief and to prepare

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R&D tax credits

More than 90 per cent of our clients claim R&D tax credits; our job is to advise on R&D tax claims, prepare your returns and liaise with HMRC to get

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Where companies are built to sell, it is essential that tax does not get in the way of the deal. Our advice therefore takes future due diligence challenges

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