Life Sciences Structured M&A: seminar Confluence Tax, Dechert, SRS

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ON MAY 3 Confluence Tax will be jointly running a seminar on biotech M&A transactions, taking place in London.

Structured deals are a key feature of Life Sciences M&A transactions based on the principle of shared risk. These involve significant contingent consideration payable to selling shareholders based on clinical, regulatory and/or sales based milestones. How you negotiate these contingent payments and whether you put in place sophisticated post deal management in order to monitor contingent payments can have a material effect on the outcome.

Please join us for a review of data generated from a large number of Life Sciences M&A transactions showing the rate at which contingent payments have been paid out. What lessons can be learned from this data, and how can you better position your transaction to increase the prospects of receiving contingent consideration? In an auction situation, how can you use your negotiating position to reduce reliance on contingent payments?

Discussion topics for our panel of experts will include:

·       what are the achievement rates for milestones based on data derived from in excess of 100 deals

·       what are the tax implications for sellers in accepting milestone payments

·       when do milestones not get paid, what are the disputes about and how do they get resolved

·       how can sellers put themselves in the best position from the outset to avoid disputes/missed milestones

If you are interested in attending the seminar email

the seminar is run jointly with Confluence Tax, Dechert, SRS | Acquiom at Dechert’s offices in London.

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