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By CT Team | November 24, 2017

CONFLUENCE TAX held a post-budget tax briefing for those in the biotech and tech space on November 23, 2017. Here we’ve shared the ‘need to knows’…

Budget 2017 briefing slide deck

By CT Team | November 24, 2017


Don’t let tax be a party pooper!

By CT Team | November 14, 2017

IF YOU’RE booking an annual staff event, such as a Christmas party or summer BBQ, now is the time to look at how much you’re spending…

Budget 2017 tax predictions: EIS, SEIS and VCT relief

By CT Team | November 8, 2017

SWEEPING aside the Chancellor’s big challenges of income tax rates, self-employed vs employed workers and the headache of the gig economy, an area of tax with…

Confluence Tax and Dutch firm Asjes Bisseling form strategic alliance

By CT Team | November 1, 2017
Confluence Tax team + Asjes Bisseling team in Amsterdam office

            Clients to benefit from expanded tax advice network across Europe UK BASED specialist tax advisory firm Confluence Tax and Netherlands-based…

Autumn 2017 post-budget tax briefing

By CT Team | October 23, 2017
Union-Jack-flag-in London-Autumn-2017-budget-for-biotech-companies

You are invited… to the essential Autumn 2017 post-budget tax briefing for biotech and tech companies Key points distilled, digested and presented by the tax experts…

Pet tech – an investment opportunity not to be sniffed at

By CT Team | July 30, 2017
Cat wearing a detector device so it can be seen when owners play virtual reality games.

Guest blog by Emma Dahm, Red Horse Digital THERE’S no doubt pet tech has an extremely bright future. We pet owners are spending more on our…

R&D Tax credits presentation UK Jul 2017

By CT Team | July 27, 2017
Bottles in a laboratory research

AN R&D TAX CREDIT is a UK company tax relief, delivered via the tax system and administered by HMRC, that results in either a reduction in…

Share schemes tax summary

By CT Team | July 13, 2017
Share schemes for employees are good practice

THESE SHARE SCHEMES TABLES summarise the respective tax treatments of the three most common ways of providing equity reward to UK tax resident employees.

Tax structuring advice for F-star collaboration

By CT Team | June 16, 2017

CONFLUENCE Tax is delighted to have provided tax structuring advice to F-star Delta, the fourth asset-centric vehicle in the F-star family, in its recent immuno-oncology collaboration.…